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European Health Insurance Card Renewal UK

ehic renewal onlineHolding a valid EHIC card is an essential part of travel within Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA). This is why your timely European Health Insurance Card renewal is so important. If you present your EHIC card whilst on holiday at a local doctor’s office you should be subject to either free or reduced medical bills, and even routine check-ups for things like maternity or some existing conditions.

How to Renew Your EHIC?

european health insurance card renewal timeRenewing your EHIC is a very simple and quick thing to do and should not take more than a few short minutes to complete the online application form and have your EHIC sent to you shortly after.

You will need your EHIC PIN number to do so. Not only do you need your EHIC PIN to renew your card, you will also need it to if some of your personal circumstances or details have changed which need to be updated on your card.

If your details have changed and you don’t have your PIN then you will need to telephone the NHS helpline number directly and speak to someone about this.

My Address Changed, Can I renew my European Health Card?

european health card renewal ukIf it is only your address that has changed, and all your other details are still the same then you can indeed renew your EHIC card online without a problem and without needing to present your EHIC PIN code. Just simply supply the new address when completing the online application form.

Can I renew EHIC cards for my family also?

e111 renewal costIf only a few family members cards need renewing but the others do not, then it is still required that you list all the family members cards when applying to renew your EHIC. If your family members can are due to expiry within the next 6 months, but yours has already expired, then when you apply for the renewal all the cards will be renewed.

Sometimes some family members may have applied for their EHICs at different times so it is not uncommon for them to have different expiry dates. But it is still a good idea to list all the cards when you are applying to renew your EHIC so that the other cards may also be renewed even if they have not yet expired. This is typical if their cards only have 6 months or less on them.

When should I renew my European Health Insurance Card?

Because EHIC cards have a 5 year lifetime on them, it is not uncommon to forget to renew them. You can actually renew your EHIC even if it has 6 months or left on it, and these remaining months will be added to the new 5 year expiry date so therefore be sure to renew as early as possible to ensure that you do not travel with an invalid EHIC or you most likely will lose your entitlement.

Keep in mind that your passport alone is not enough proof that you are entitled to the benefits of being an EHIC card holder. Therefore you need to be presenting your EHIC as well as your passport as this carried your photograph while the EHIC card does not.

Apply, Renew or Replace your E111 Card Today

E111 Card Application online